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Improve Your Practice

As a CoStar Health Provider, you are a member of a network of more than 100 doctors who are committed to offering inexpensive, high-quality healthcare to patients. By working together, we offer creative, cost-effective healthcare solutions so that our patients can receive the personalized, flexible care they truly deserve. We can successfully manage our expanding membership, organize referrals and authorizations, and quickly settle claims thanks to our cutting-edge tools and processes. Immediate Medical Care Provider Portal, our web-based technology, can significantly lower managed-care obstacles for your clinic.

Frequent Answer Questions

You can send your provider form and CV to our provider relation department. If you want to walk through the process or have any questions, you can call us. 

You can submit it online through our Web Portal. Please get in touch with your Provider Relations Representative to request a username and password if you don’t already have one.


Please fax the corrected information to our Provider Relations Department if you need to change your provider information.